MELINDA PLACKO at Melk Truk Studio

public art

i love painting large scale, as long as i dont have to store it.  this work often preserves public surfaces, for example painting over rusting metal or crumbling cement.  these paintings are heavily influenced by the surrounding environment and anybody around at the time.



exquisite sleep

2013    latex paint on a bridge over rocky river    cleveland, ohio

image image



look what fell out of the mailbox

2013    latex paint on a cleveland sidewalk

painted during the waterloo arts fest





always always (for the canoes)

2012    latex paint on bridge    7×40′

view from across the river

melds with existing graffiti poem

painted on my birthday




2010    latex and acrylic paint on wood panel    4×8′

created during the ingenuity festival on the detroit-superior bridge in cleveland, this painting is part of the bridgespan project, organized and curated by cleveland west art league.  it is installed horizontally as part of the walkway, allowing passersby to walk in the painting.  it remains permanently installed.



squirrel in the birdhouse

2010    latex paint on cinder block    4×6′

this was made for an east cleveland community garden, and commissioned by betsy gates of the simply betsy soap company.






2006    tinted traffic marking paint, ballotini    parking lot size

illumination project was installed in a parking lot in amherst, massachusetts.  the solar powered lights inspired me to create this piece.  directly below each light fixture, gold circles were painted with tinted traffic marking paint.  this piece is still visible on satelitte images, and was funded by umass arts council.



side door speedy g

2006    ink, latex paint, and graphite on doorway    7×12′

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