MELINDA PLACKO at Melk Truk Studio

current studio library

books hanging around the studio, september 2012 to present.  sometimes read, sometimes cut to bits.


folktales from bohemia by adolf wenig

chinese painting: an escape from the ‘dusty’ world by m. williams

will you please be quiet, please? by raymond carver

berlin stories by christopher isherwood

indian court painting 16-19th century, metropolitan museum of art

love is a dog from hell by charles bukowski

365 tao by deng ming-dao

wave propagation in periodic structures by l. brillouin

sacred architecture by c. humphrey & p. vitebsky

palm sunday by kurt vonnegut

understanding magnetism: magnets, electromagnets and superconducting magnets by robert wood

dirigible by joshua stoff

the sleep book by dr. suess

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